About Us

Kalimera Coffee

Kalimera Coffee was created to give everyone the taste of a deliciously roasted coffee, always. Sourced from all over the world, we carefully roast our coffee beans with different notes and flavors to give you a bold & delicious coffee taste. As a small Latino owned company, we proudly operate on giving what the customers deserves and that’s a quality product. We pride ourselves in making sure we deliver everything to the best of our ability and to continue to serve our communities.

Founded in

Founded in 2020, Andres Gonzalez loved the idea of exploring new routes of brewing and roasting coffee. While brewing has many different methods, roasting beans is a much more important process in his eyes. Visiting different areas and tasting countless amounts of different beans, he wanted to bring the taste of a bold and rich coffee to his customers. Dreaming of an expansion, first he wanted to perfect the process. By growing and roasting and perfectly balancing the process. Day by day we continue to artfully craft and roast our bags to serve our customers. We continue to strive to find the next flavorful product for you all. As always, kalimera to you!